About Us

Helping Clients Reduce Electricity Consumption Is All We Do!

In the automotive landscape, Toyota is Australia's number one selling brand. It's the elegant Lexus range that made Toyota number one but rather the functional and affordable Camry that drove the company to the top of the best-seller listings.

Energy Sentinel is like the Camry - we focus solely on the task at hand - reducing electricity usage.

Energy Sentinel helps customers save money on their electricity consumption. We don't offer solutions to automate or upgrade internal systems. Energy Sentinel provides our customers with the real-time measurement tools that enables users to set conservation targets and create annual plans.

We Focus on the Basics

Our competitors can measure your gas consumption, keep track of water usage and create dashboards that show your carbon footprint. As a rival, we admire their technology but question their business case in many customer environments. Understanding your carbon footprint may be "cool" but it doesn't help you save electricity and comes at additional cost.

Conserving Electricity - It's all about saving money!

Energy Sentinel focus on saving our clients money that increases their competitiveness and contributes to their bottom line profits. That's it.

Energy Sentinel - Research

Climate Science or Climate Emergency?

The Hunter Valley and Newcastle are hotbeds of technology development and home to a vibrant start-up culture. The region has increased its prosperity based on mining and allied services and is the home of Coal Power Stations like Liddell, Eraring, Vales Point. and soon a new station and a technology powerhouse that supports energy distribution.

In spite of the $billions paid in subsidies towards flaky intermittent solar and wind renewables, Australia still needs reliable base-load electricity if we are to avert rationing, demand management and unplanned outages.

Australia urgently needs "Dependable, Always-On" electricity NOW!

Australian business faces an existential threat from electricity scarcity. As business people and consumers we must face the reality that divisive climate alarmism has rendered our electricity supply infrastructure "not fit for purpose". Until Australia can solve this dilemma our nation's only course of action is to become the word leaders at electricity economy and conservation.

Nabers and Energy Assessors -

Energy Sentinel works with energy assessors who can use the Energy Sentinel Platform to advise customers on the types of initiatives they must take to improve their energy profile.

FACT: Australia will face electricity rationing and electricity outages in the next decade.

Business executives and board members must face this existential threat now and learn how to slash their electricity consumption or face the prospect of outages now. The alternative is for businesses to invest in their own energy generation and backup electricity supplies if they want their businesses to operate 24*7*365 into the future. This comes at at enormous cost!