Cold Storage

Risk Cold Storage

Introduction - Food Supply Risks

Holdups and delays in fulfilment across the supply chain pose risks to profitability and reputation. Even worse they expose organisations to potential legal exposure if mitigation measures, safeguards and compliance with regulations or best practice have not been met.

Spoilage and Waste caused by power loss

If a component in the supply chain refrigeration system fails it's immediately visible within the data collected by electricity sensors. This data is retained in Amazon's AWS cloud in is not alterable to ensure incontrovertible proof that systems were working at optimum energy efficiency of unusual behaviour was exhibited by refrigeration systems.

Incorrect Temperature

The amount of electricity consumed by a refrigeration system provides an analytical tool that can help manager's spot increases in energy use that could be the precursor to a failure or symptoms of heat leakage.

Recalls and Litigation

In the event that a situation escalates to requiring legal representation and independent "validated data source" may prove if the supply chain was at fault or inventory damage occurred before or after responsibility for inventory was assumed by the supply chain.