Commercial Property

Commercial Property Management

Commercial property managers must rigorously manage every overhead that reduces their bottom-line revenues. Preparing a compelling business case that justifies expenditure in saving measures requires accurate and timely data that includes usage trends and history. Armed with accurate reports, talented staff can fine-tune business operations and make informed decisions that deliver increased efficiency, cost containment and improved productivity.
Solid real-time electricity usage data helps property managers maximise the ROI from every square meter of their property portfolio.

You need data – NOW!

Building efficiency and energy management is a science often hamstrung because real-time data is unavailable or legacy infrastructure precludes you from implementing new systems.

Building Business Cases

Understanding energy usage at a granular level helps Operations and Sustainability executives build solid business cases to present to the board and senior management.

Tracking Energy Efficiency

Commercial property managers may have hundreds of HVAC systems installed across their portfolio but lack the means to compare efficiency or like-for-like operating costs. If a compressor is in need of a service or has a small gas leak the system may be working harder to deliver no gain. That hits bottom line profits hard and can continue for months or years unchecked.

Setting Goals

It’s hard to achieve goals if feedback on economy measures isn’t instantaneous. Real-time feedback removes this issue and places managers in control of their environment and gaining instant insights into their electricity savings measures.

Identifying and Fixing Pain Points

If environmental assets or processes are under performing, they may be causing customer dissatisfaction. Take proactive control of HVAC systems and justify upgrades or replacements with quantifiable data that justifies a business case.