Driving Hospitality Costs Down

Two of the hospitality industry’s most ravenous energy users are refrigeration and HVAC systems. In some businesses these services may eat up to 80% of the electricity bill yet most hotel, tavern or restaurateurs lack the tools to reveal how, when and where these services operate and how much each consumes. There is no way to capture, integrate and analyse enterprise-wide electricity running costs other than by manually manipulating data. Management often depends upon existing internal sensors and control systems to manage expenses when implementing tighter management and technological oversight could yield greater savings.

High Energy Consumption

Competitive pressure is the only constant found in the hospitality industry. Business owners and managers have very few options to make on-the-fly operational changes but a more measured approach can help in the planning and refresh stages of business improvement.

Measuring electricity consumption may reveal ways to economise on electricity usage and assist setting out plans to initiate an organisation-wide electricity saving initiative. One area worthy of focus is addressing areas of electricity waste. It's often hard to quantify a business case but by harnessing trial and error insights, experimentation, and confirming results with hard, unequivocal data, better business outcomes can be delivered.

Smart operators often know exactly where electricity wastage can be reduced but remediation costs may require capital expenditure which may make the effort difficult or impossible depending on the prevailing management mindset. Raw facts, raw data and a clear plan are the most effective means to provide the proof that justifies a compelling business case.

Heating and Cooling

If it heats or cools it's costly for hospitality administrators