HVAC Monitoring

HVAC Monitoring

Business Driver

Variable Corporate Overheads can sap the profitability of a business if they are not managed properly. Air conditioning is at the mercy of the elements but even minor efficiencies can save businesses a lot of money. By metering separately, a better understanding of exactly how much HVAC costs the organisation can alter behaviour or justify behavioural changes from staff.

Build a Business Case for Better Automation

HVAC running costs can quickly blow-out if system timers or thermostats are not correctly configured. By using energy consumption metrics as your benchmark systems can be optimised for efficiency and independent systems created that provide oversight of HVAC systems. Even modest savings can quickly add up to significant savings over a year.

Typical scenarios would include monitoring operations outside of standard operating hours, identifying faulty timers or thermostats or comparing the efficiency of different equipment brands across the enterprise. Often legacy equipment is only left in-situ because building a valid business case is difficult to build. Often raising capital expenditure is a challenge but fortified with raw usage data that quantifies energy usage the business justification to replace legacy equipment is a breeze!

Heating, Cooling, Dehumidifying is costly

Whether the task is heating or cooling, HVAC systems are one of businesses biggest energy hogs. Even minor improvements in modifying process flows can result in huge operating cost savings. The first step is independently auditing and monitoring how HVAC systems function in real-time. Are they operating at peak efficiency? Are they cooling when they shouldn't be? Armed with these insights, optimising HVAC efficiency is easier.