Pump and Compressor Monitoring

Pump and Compressor Monitoring

Business Driver

Unlike compressors which are located very close to their workload, pumps are often out of sight and out of mind. This poses challenges for business where oversight of operating status can result in very bad outcomes. The need for remote monitoring can demand costly, specialised equipment when a viable alternative is to monitor energy consumption negating the need for expensive call-outs to establish operating status.

Call-Out: the High-Cost of Engineering Resources

Time is money and in the case of skilled electricians or maintenance engineers that’s a lot of money. When you factor in unproductive travel time the actual cost of a call-out is prohibitive.

Remote Monitoring and Automated Alerts

Often equipment provides clues that there are maintenance issues that may cause degraded performance or a failure, typically at the worst possible time. Energy Sentinel can alert administrators of outages or reaching thresholds based on the rules they set. Because the framework is so sensitive anomalous spikes in electricity may alert technical staff that preventative maintenance should be fast-tracked to avert a failure. Like any good tool, the usefulness extends with experience and hands-on deployment.

Efficiency: Is a 30-year-old Pump or Compressor Good Value?

Older technology like pumps are un-glamorous pieces of infrastructure. Because they don’t attract attention like the shiny objects in IT or other forms of advanced technology doesn’t mean rapid evolution isn’t taking place. Taking this knowledge and translating it into capital expenditure can be a challenge but with energy consumption metrics available, fully costed proposals can be presented to management and investments expedited. Energy Sentinel is a managed service and no capital outlay is required to deploy an array of sensors.

Energy efficiency is critical to maintain competitive advantage

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance can be assisted by deploying electricity sensors that monitor the operations of critical pumps or compressors. Motors with worn or damaged parts can impair efficiency and pose the risk of unplanned downtime. Monitoring electricity consumption is a simple approach to ensuring that pumps or compressors are in peak operating status and monitoring efficiency can indicate whether the operating condition of the equipment is at peak or sub-optimal. Even small improvements in efficiency can add up to big savings over time and provide operators with a real-time snapshot of energy usage and the operating status of a single pump or compressor. This provides savvy administrators with a top-down view of an entire fleet of gas or fluid operating infrastructure.

Preventing failures improves the bottom line