Getting the electricity management variables right is vital in the brutally competitive retail environment. Too much lighting and you’re wasting energy while not enough illumination exposes you to risk or occupational health and safety concerns. If your business depends on cooling, heating or refrigeration to fulfil customer needs then managing these overheads is critical to your business viability. Even modest improvements to electricity efficiency across your business operations can yield big savings that bolster your bottom-line profits.

  • 50% of Electricity is consumed in refrigeration and an EPA* report ENERGY STAR indicates that “a 10 percent reduction in energy costs for the average supermarket is equivalent to increasing net profit margins by 16 percent” (US EPA 2008a)
  • Loss of refrigerant gases contributes to inefficiency and is an environmental polluter
  • Failure of refrigeration sub-systems can often be averted through monitoring usage – an increase in consumption can indicate the need for maintenance or as an indicator of impending compressor failure. It may also alert management of a coolant leak
  • Use visual cues – digital signage to alert customers that you are actively pursuing energy efficiency improvements

*Environmental Protection Agency – USA

How can Energy Sentinel help?

Supermarkets and Food Outlets

Refrigeration and air conditioning costs are a huge portion of retail overheads. Inefficient compressors or leaking gas quickly add to costs if they go unchecked. A series of sensors can provide a revealing snapshot of an entire cooling or heating infrastructure within your retail environment and provide the tools to quickly improve efficiency.

  • Refrigeration
  • HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Food Heating

Complex Automotive Supply Chain

Another good example is an Automotive Practice. Their businesses are multi-faceted with spare parts, workshops, car-yards and air-conditioned offices and showrooms all adding to energy consumption in very different ways.

Automotive Retailer

Energy us has been a perennial source of pain for automotive retailers and service organisations. By tracking usage and engaging staff in the pursuit of common conservation goals, additional savings can be achieved from initiatives that drive down heating, cooling and lighting energy overheads.

Pneumatic Air Systems

Outdated compressor systems with leaking pipes or worn components can consume vast additional amounts of energy. Are the compressors rated for best efficiency or are they still used because a solid business case to justify their replacement has never been made? Energy Sentinel lets you measure and benchmark performance giving you accurate data justify a fully costed business case to cut your energy overheads.

Lighting – Retail and Workshop

Business Unit Billback – Electricity

Is overhead lighting working effectively or should you totally rethink how you light all parts of your working and selling environment? Would a redesign be a worthy investment if the expenditure could be offset with some cold, hard consumption data?


Automotive retailers often have numerous partners and complex relationships. If electricity needs to be allocated against business units then Energy Sentinel’s discrete sensors can capture usage data wherever you need it.