RISK Asset Health Reporting

RISK Asset Health Reporting

Business Driver

Every aspect of our daily lives depends on simple, single-purpose technology like pumps and compressors. Refrigeration depends on compressors to ensure perishables are kept fresh, pharmaceuticals are refrigerated to ensure efficacy and extend their optimal shelf-life. Turning on a water tap delivers fresh, clean hot or cold water that depends on the widespread deployment of unintelligent pumping technology designed to work without interruption or oversight. Modern life depends upon this “dumb technology”.

Peace of Mind?

It’s not just the call-out or travel time managers must consider but also peace of mind. How much is that worth?

Aberrant Behaviour

Unusual equipment behaviour can often flag problems. Increased power consumption could mean worn or broken parts, a need for lubrication or imminent failure.

What is the Cost of an Asset Outage?

It’s the cascade effect. Is the pump working in your stormwater system? How do you know if it fails? If a rainstorm causes a mini flood costing your organisation time and money. What prevention and remediation measures can you put in place to stop a repeat of the incident?

What is the Cost of an Engineer Call-Out

How much does it cost to send a qualified engineer to check equipment. Would regular performance audits help cut maintenance costs? Remote monitoring can cut the requirement for call outs.

Proactive and Predictive

Assets that are powered by electricity are always vulnerable to unexpected outages. Unless you have a backup generator or an existing BMS systems you be unaware of an outage until significant damage has been done. Energy Sentinel sends alerts that flag outages to critical infrastructure or mission critical systems.

Granular View of Technology

Often simple behavioural changes in how infrastructure operates can indicate an impending failure. One example is where a “power-on” spike is detected. This may have the potential to indicate an unplanned outage is imminent. Knowing in advance that unexpected behaviour is occurring may prevent costly downtime.