Supply Chain

Managing Supply Chain Better

Supply chain and logistics must shave every cent from their costs to face down brutal competitive pressures. Every warehouse, office, cold-storage facility and administration centre must operate on tight margins at the lowest possible cost to extract every unwanted dollar of cost from the business.

Reduce Business Risk

Understanding business risk and mitigating the risk can increase resilience and increase energy awareness and drive reduction initiatives.
Helping get maximum efficiency drives productivity and profits.

Manage a Costly Overhead

Electricity is easily your second largest overhead and must be reviewed and improved to drive competitiveness.

Cold Storage and Perishables

Perishable’s must be kept at the right temperature to ensure they’re perfect for the customer. These climate controls demand thousands of air compressors all operating at top efficiency to maximise profitability. Even minor improvements in uptime and productivity can have a very positive effect on reducing operating overheads.

Pumps, Compressors and Motors

Moving water may be a mission-critical part of your supply chain in the case of picking, cleaning or shipping produce or value-added products. Ensuring systems are available and working at maximum efficiency drives productivity and profits.


LED lighting vendors offer 10% savings but how can you extract another 5% to maximise savings? Understand how energy is used and then incorporating automation technology can help save overheads and create a safer workplace with light levels aligned with industry best practice.

Managed Services – IT Billback

Charge users or business units for the exact amount of electricity they use.