Managing Information Technology Energy Costs

No other area of energy management has attracted more attention than IT in recent times. The reason for that is simple: IT uses enormous amounts of electricity to produce the work required for commerce. This creates a lot of heat energy that dedicated HVAC systems and passive cooling must remove. The last decade has seen quantum improvements in technology efficiency but Servers, Appliances and Switches devour energy at enormous rates.

There are numerous dedicated energy management solutions available for tracking Data Centre performance but very few cater to the larger Enterprise and allocate IT as a single cost centre. Energy Sentinel takes the top down perspective to provide management with a complete view of all energy used across all business units to identify waste and inefficiency.

Verify Energy Consumption in your Co-Lo Facility

Independently audit your energy usage in Data Co-Lo facilities

Data Centre Capacity Planning

As your business grows or you change your technology mix track changes and efficiency improvements in your Data Centre.

Reduce HVAC cooling costs

For every Watt of heat produced in a Server room an additional Watt of energy is required to dissipate this heat.

Cost Allocation

Identify how and when batch processes are executed and collect usage data to bill users or business units.

Power Quality

Ensure the electricity delivered is relatively stable and free of voltage spikes that could damage sensitive IT equipment. Conversely, if power distributors are consistently permitting brownouts this could shorten the lie expectancy of technology investments and may require prevention systems (backup-systems) in place.